Pet Links

Laurie Schiff's Web Page Laurie has been a great help to Cindy, Nate & I (and the kids ;-).

Tonkineese FAQ, a CFA page describing the breed in detail, by Linda Martino.

A very friendly Iowa Burmese breeder Carmel Kats

Wan-Lea Cattery, Southeast Region Coordinator, Tonkinese Breeder's Association (TBA)

Cozach Cattery, Southeast Region Tonkinese breeder (TBA)

Chestnut Farm Tonkinese, another Southeast Region Tonkinese breeder (TBA)

I Love Cats, Tons of cat links

Musical Links

Sister Julie's Web Page, Stone Cupid Music

Jonesin', John's old Band (1974-1982)

Family links

My Family's Home page

John at work: Studio 2015 Jewelers, Woodstock, IL

John's Jewelry and web site work: John Christensen Designs

John's Drum Engraving

Brother Jim Christensen's web page, Gold Art Jewelry

Brother in law John Diehl is an actor. His page is HERE
Cindy's Pet Sitting business

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